Supported Living

Supported Living Accomodation (SID) is the total number of spaces available for the permanent living-residence of the person aged 18 and over with a disability according to the appropriately organized support. Supported Living strengthens the fundamental right to independent living of every person with a disability, through on the one hand the provision of care and support, with respect for their rights, dignity, needs and desires and on the other hand the maintenance and development to the maximum extent of skills and abilities.

The SIDs can operate either as independent residences or exist in the same building complex. They have a capacity of 1-4 people up to 5-9 people. They are located within the urban fabric and close to social services. The benefits offered by a SID are accommodation in a single or double room, healthy and balanced diet, access to medical and nursing care, entertainment as well as participation in educational programs. Socialization and contact with the community is satisfied through visits to venues, excursions and cultural events.

The members of the ΝΕΤ, through coordinated actions, promote the exchange of good practices regarding the terms and conditions of operation of the Supported Living Accomodation for the people with disabilities and seek participation in programs (Νational, European, etc.) aiming at a decent living, maximum possible independence and social integration of people with disabilities.

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