Workforce Development & Human Resources

The development and management of human resources in the field of providing services to people with disabilities determines their satisfaction, well-being and health in the workplace, while at the same time, it has a decisive impact on the quality of services provided to people with disabilities. The provision of high-quality services, based on the human-centred model, oriented towards the rights of people with disabilities, autonomy and social inclusion, requires appropriate training of employees to develop knowledge, skills and competences and the creation of a positive, safe and supportive working environment with opportunities for development.

The aim of the Workforce and Human Resources Development project group is to promote the management and development of human resources and to raise, implement and exchange best practices among the members of the ΝΕΤ and more extensively in the field of service provision to people with disabilities, at national and European level.

Our key priorities include the promotion of mental health, resilience and work satisfaction of employees, the prevention and management of burnout, employee training and the prevention of workplace bullying.

The members of the working team are the following:

Evangelia-Christina Andreadi (MARGARITA VTC)
Aggeliki Mylona (“THEOTOKOS” Foundation)
Christiana Zotou (Amimoni)
Nikoletta Mavroidi (Child and Adolescent’s Center)
Eleftheria Papadopoulou (Organisation for the Protection of Persons with Autism–P.D.D. of the prefecture of Kastoria)
Anastasia Papargyri (“PAMMAKARISTOS” Foundation for Child)
Zoi Parmaki (Association of Parents Guardians & Friends of People with Autism Larissa Prefecture – Greece)
Eleni Roditi (Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door)
Polina Tzounara (Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities “ALMA”)

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