ESTIA Support & Social Care Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities

ESTIA is a Support and Social Care Centre for people with intellectual disabilities, recognized Charity Association, overseen by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. It was founded in 1982 by parents of children with intellectual disabilities. ESTIA is specialized in providing support and care to people with intellectual disabilities (PWID) from 15 years of age, with the aim to improve their life quality and to support inclusion into the community. ESTIA key activities are vocational training, support services for the disabled and their families, social skills training, creative learning and leisure time activities, sports programmes, early child intervention, training of trainers, seminars and conferences. About 80 service users with medium or light intellectual disability are attending the services on a daily basis. Also, ESTIA has developed a network of Supported Living Houses that operate within the social fabric, taking into account the needs of each resident, providing support services for dignified living and inclusion into the community, in Psychiko, Melissia, Pikermi and Vrilissia. The staff working at ESTIA are 50 and 100 volunteers. ESTIA is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2018.