TransitAction: Breaking Barriers & Supporting Young Adults in their Transition to Employment

Work@ble is a 2-year European project that brings together organisations working on job coaching to people with disabilities with different expertise, the creators of the FROG methodology and one expert on developing accessible IT solutions.

Work@ble tackles these the digital challenges faced by people with disabilities and the VET mentors/job coaches by developing an educative digital e-Scape Room accessible to people with disabilities. The e-Scape Room will serve to assess and train their job skills, and also to contribute to reduce the digital divide.

Work@ble outcomes

  • The e-Scape Room to train and assess job skills tailor-made to people with learning needs and cognitive difficulties due to disabilities.
  • Guidelines for job coaches and VET mentors in the use of the e-Scape Room
  • Collection of job coaching resources and tools addressed to people with disabilities.