National Council of YMCAs

The National Council of YMCAs  in Greece, represents the World Alliance of YMCAs which is the oldest and largest international voluntary youth organization for young people, founded in 1844. The NC of YMCAs, operates today in 119 countries, counting more than 58 million members.In Greece, The National Council of YMCAs  has been operating through the Headquarters of YMCA Athens ,YMCA Salonica and its departments  for over  than  100 years.

The National Council of YMCAs  in Greece aims at:

  • Main general and ideological policy making of YMCAs in Greece.
  • The coordination of the associations for the enhancement and advancement of their work so that they promote their main targets.
  • Planning educational opportunities for the YMCA leaders.
  • Providing educational programmes for the society and the disabled persons, their acception, inclusion, cooperation with them and their families, especially those who are economically weak.
  • Establishing new Associations by the same principles around Greece.
  • The communication with YMCAs worldwide for sharing experience as well as the operation of the campsites for the YMCA Greek and worldwide members, which is the major target of the Association.

In cooperation with the corresponding federations contributes to the development of sports with mobility vehicles (basketball, tennis, table tennis,fencing,chorus, boccia, ballet, theatre and other activities which provide human needs fulfilment and wellbeing, such as living in nature or camps.

The National Council of YMCAs  vision is the creation of assisting living places and daily centres The conformation many of its own buildings has already started, in order to achieve the appropriate certification of operation for disabled people on a daily basis, even when  they will not be  supported by their parents anymore.