Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities “ALMA”

The Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities “ALMA” is a non-profit association, that was created in 1996, by a group of scientists of various specialties in the field of special education that wanted to contribute to the acceptance of diversity in all aspects of life.

During all these years we design and implement a number of programs for children, adolescents and adults with autism and mental disability aiming at their psychosocial development and full integration into a society of equal opportunities, while supporting their family.

We are close to the family from the difficult time of accepting the diagnosis until the lifelong rehabilitation of the young person with a disability in a House of Supported Living.

We begin with early intervention and support the child in all aspects of his/her life as a parallel family, inspiring both the child with disabilities and his family to discover the power of diversity.

Through educational, sports and cultural activities we provide holistic therapeutic individualized intervention that suits the needs of each of our children or adults.

All our actions are designed according to the triptych of our philosophy:

  • Education and integration of the person with a disability
  • Support and discharge of the family
  • Information and raise of community awareness

Year after year, ALMA team grows and evolves, embracing more and more people with and without disabilities and their families.