“SYZOI” – Parents’ Association of People with Vision Disorders & Additional Disabilities

“SYZOI” – the Association of parents, guardians and friends of visually impaired children with additional disabilities, such as autism, mental retardation, neurological disorders, motor or sensory discrepancies, was founded in Thessaloniki Greece, in 2007 and is a certified provider of social care services, is a non-government, non-profit organization, which aims to provide lifelong support and to achieve, among others: 

  • High level of therapeutic programs in order to reach maximum of potential
  • Education and vocational training of visually impaired children with additional disabilities
  • Psychological and social support of the children as well as counselling to their families
  • Promotion of scientific research on both prevention and rehabilitation
  • Social Awareness on multiple disabilities

A better life and a more autonomous future.