In a beautiful and emotionally charged meeting, the newly established Greek “NET” of Service Providers for People with Disabilities, the Greek State and the pan-European umbrella of -20,000 and more- service providers for People with Disabilities, EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities), made the official announcement of the start of their cooperation at national and European level.

The event was honored by the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Panagiotis Pikrammenos and the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, in the presence of the Minister Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, the Deputy Minister Mrs. Domna Michailidou, the Secretary General of Social Solidarity & Solidarity. Stamatis & the Head of Policies for the Support of Children with Disabilities Mr. Dimitris Nikolski. The Attica Region also honored the event, through its representative, Deputy Regional Minister of Finance & Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Region Mr. Nikolaos Peppas & the Authorized Advisor of the Social Welfare Department of the Office of the Governor of Attica, Mrs. Eugenia Barbayannis.

The event was accompanied by the presence of the General Secretary of EASPD, Mr. Luk Zelderloo, his important associates and the newly elected representative of Greece in the Board of EASPD, Mrs. Agapi Papadakis.

In his greeting, Mr. Zelderloo pointed out that “… what these organizations have achieved by setting up the” NET” is unique… they have managed to get out of their safety box and think ambitiously. And this is exactly the network, to think ambitiously “, a fact that was also signed on behalf of” NET “by the Chairman of the Board. and President of I.P.AP. “The Virgin”, Mr. Erotokritos Neophytos saying that “Our goal is to use all scientific tools and best global practices to contribute to the creative development of our special population.”