On June the 2nd and 3rd, a two-day conference was held in Athens as part of the European FORESEE program on Social Dialogue in the field of Social Services in Greece.

The two-day conference was attended, among others, by: the Federation of European Social Employers, the European Federation of Public Service Unions, the Secretary General of Social Solidarity and the Fight against Poverty, TO DIKTYO, SKLE, OMED and the ​​University of West Attica.

The participants had the opportunity to obtain, from the guest speakers, a clear and documented picture of the definition of Social Dialogue in Europe and Greece, both at institutional and actual level.

The necessity to strengthen the Social Dialogue in Greece was particularly highlighted since, as it was pointed out, although the State has the necessary institutional framework, the necessary steps regarding the ability of employers’ and employees’ organizations to cope with its formal and substantive conditions, have not been taken.